A new ‘on-demand’ recruitment solution is required for organisations to be a success in today’s marketplace, a leading resourcing firm has highlighted.

Resourcing Partnership said that investing in hiring management systems, coupled with a genuine partnership approach, were vital to responding quickly and flexibly to organisations’ needs.

Managing Director of Resourcing Partnership, Teri Isidoro, said: “Talent Acquisition has changed dramatically over the last fifteen years. It is not a simple process of connecting a person to a job and a job to a person.

“People are difference makers, and they are the organisation’s number one asset. Organisations that are the best at talent acquisition become the leaders of their respective industries.

“Job boards touch the masses quickly and cost-effectively. But doing this alone is labelled a “post and pray” process – are employers sure they are driving the right candidate traffic? How does you identify the right candidate amongst the masses? It takes a lot of time to properly digest this mass of candidate information.

“Resourcing Partnership has invested heavily in management systems such as Applicant Tracking Systems, job board aggregators, Contact Relationship Management tools, and search engine optimisation platforms. Screening and assessment instruments continue to help predict best-fit hires.

“This is because today’s market demands a new on-demand recruitment solution: one that can be turned on and off or scaled up and down based on real time hiring requirements,” she said.

Resourcing Partnership said that the new resourcing marketplace needed:

  • a solution that is enabled by best-in-class technology and compliant with all legal requirements;
  • a model that compliments the existing employers’ recruitment solutions;
  • a recruitment solution that fits all types of organisations – large, mid-size and small firms from all market segments.


Teri Isidoro added: “To be effective, the recruiter has to sell the job opportunity and employer brand as much as they screen for fit,” she said.