Whilst demanding the food and beverage industry offers a true career path for graduates who have an interest in the nation’s daily food. It is mystifying is that the industry is continuing to grow but remains one of the best kept secrets to potential employers.

The industry is not being under pinned at the entry level so there is an overall shortage of talent. Why we ask? High school leavers don’t know what they don’t know – Is the answer talking to pupils in year 11 who are studying food technology. There is a distinct misunderstanding that a career within food entails hospitality/catering.

The high school leavers that do chose to study a food technology / nutrition related degree at university can be assured of a placement whilst studying or a permanent position on graduation both of which will lead to a rewarding career.

So what can we do to change this situation? Speaking to senior managers and recruiters in food manufacturing and processing companies we agree, one means is to educate high school students as to the career prospects within the industry. Raising awareness through various means both modern ( Twitter, Facebook, etc) and the traditional ( literature and school visits/presentations) whilst they are making course choices which could ultimately identify a rewarding career path in the industry.