“Bad hires” could cost your company dear – leave it to the experts!

Not having proper background checks all-too-often ends up with companies taking on “bad hires” – and that can cost them dear.

Resourcing Partnership, a leading employment agency for the food sector, said that businesses should recognise the potential risks created by “bad hires” by heeding the old adage: “Penny wise, pound foolish.”

Managing Director of Resourcing Partnership, Teri Isidoro, said: “Savvy companies recognise the importance of using recruitment agencies such as ours who carefully vet job applicants before bringing them on board as employees.


“Verifying employment history and education credentials is a critical step to ensure that the most qualified candidate is hired, but this is a step that some companies often neglect. The cost of a bad hire is not negligible – according to a survey conducted by Right Management, the cost of replacing a bad hire can be up to five times an individual’s salary.


“Employment history and education are the most common areas where the background check identifies adverse information. Surveys show that there’s around a 30% discrepancy rate in information provided by candidates regarding their educational qualifications.


“Thorough background checking is a key component in protecting assets, customers and reputation, and it’s a responsibility we take very seriously on our clients’ behalf.


“Many organisations unknowingly make common mistakes in employment background screening that can result in, for example, security gaps,” she said.


Resourcing Partnership said that their own screening programmes ensure that a company’s “extended workforce” is included, screening them in a similar way as their full-time staff.


Teri Isidoro continued: “The risks mitigated in screening this workforce segment are similar to those of your permanent staff – workplace violence, theft, fraud, for example – but this population goes unscreened in many organisations.


“Resourcing Partnership runs an advanced employment background screening process which provides timely background check reports coupled with state-of-the-art and secure technology,” she said.