Acquiring high-skilled workers requires high-level strategy

Acquiring high-skilled workers, particularly in the food industry, will only be successful by companies taking a strategic approach to recruitment.

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“Bad hires” could cost your company dear – leave it to the experts!

Not having proper background checks all-too-often ends up with companies taking on “bad hires” – and that can cost them dear.

Resourcing Partnership, a leading employment agency for the food sector, said that businesses should recognise the potential risks created by “bad hires” by heeding the old adage: “Penny wise, pound foolish.”

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New ‘on-demand’ recruitment solution required


A new ‘on-demand’ recruitment solution is required for organisations to be a success in today’s marketplace, a leading resourcing firm has highlighted.

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Food Industry Candidate Shortage

There are long-term skills challenges which will call for more meaningful partnerships between recruiters and employers. The impact of demographic change, skills gaps, technology and globalisation meant that recruiters and employers need to work closely together.

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Food Graduates are one of the UK’s best kept secrets!!

Whilst demanding the food and beverage industry offers a true career path for graduates who have an interest in the nation’s daily food. It is mystifying is that the industry is continuing to grow but remains one of the best kept secrets to potential employers.

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