Acquiring high-skilled workers, particularly in the food industry, will only be successful by companies taking a strategic approach to recruitment.

That’s the view of Resourcing Partnership, specialists in food industry resourcing, who said firms will need to leverage market intelligence and technology to meet their workforce needs on an on-going basis.


Managing Director of Resourcing Partnership, Teri Isidoro, said: “Companies in the food production industries are concerned about the lack of available talent. Globally, the working-age population is on the decline while the number of retirees is on the rise.


“At the same time, low-skilled workers exceed demand while high-skilled ones are in short supply. For the foreseeable future, it appears there will be more buyers – employers – than there is ‘product’ to buy, in the form of talent.


“How is it that, globally, 200 million people are available for hire, while 34% of companies around the world report having difficulty filling jobs? Quite simply, the demand for skilled talent vastly exceeds the supply. The distance between the world’s available workers and the skills that are needed is more than a gap. It’s a chasm, and it’s only going to get worse.


“Hiring needs are never static. Even industries such as food production that traditionally need to expand or contract their workforces on demand need to build a sustainable competitive workforce.


“Our solutions enable firms to leverage market intelligence to identify, recruit and retain employees with long-term growth potential. Outsourcing this kind of just-in-time recruiting can be crucial in a fast-paced business environment,” she said.


Resourcing Partnership said that they also helped clients recognise and value potential as ever-changing technology and business approaches demand a more flexible workforce.


Teri Isidoro continued: “Developing an effective talent acquisition strategy isn’t easy. It takes time and expertise as it relates to industry trends and market dynamics. Oftentimes, this means bringing in the right partners to help recruit high-quality talent – and this is where Resourcing Partnership really adds value,” she said.